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Heat Tolerant Colors

The following design idea has been supplied by Pamela Crawford.
Please note references within the article apply to USA.

This traffic-stopping arrangement will bloom from now until the temperatures drop into the '40's! Even in the heat wave we are experiencing now, unless the temperatures top 100 degrees for a month or so!

Basket: A 16" side-planted basket sits on top of a column anchored by a metal ring under the blue pot. (Kinsman's double basket 16"W x 11"D). To see a 3-minute planting demo, click here.

Column: The column is 4 feet tall and extremely secure. To buy the column kit or see a 3-minute demo, click here.

Container: From Pottery Land (

Plants: Bush daisies are planted in the center of the top and surrounded with red begonias, lime coleus, purple gomphrena, yellow melampodium and creeping Jenny. The same plants are planted in the blue container underneath.

Lifespan: These plants last up to eight months, as long as the temperatures range from 45 to 100 degrees.

Care: Fertilize on planting day with a slow-release mix. Repeat, if the leaves look yellowish or washed-out, although the fertilizer should last from six to nine months. I trimmed it twice to keep it looking even. Water thoroughly, if the plants show signs of wilt or the soil feels dry when you push your fingertip into the potting mix. I watered this one every day (after it was about a month old) in mid summer and every other day in cooler weather.

Troubleshooting: None. This is an really easy combination.

Planting Plan: Alternate the begonias, melampodium, creeping Jenny and purple gomphrena in the side holes and along the edge of this side-planted container. Plant the bush daisy as the centerpiece of the top. Plant the bottom container as shown in the photo.

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About Pamela Crawford
Best-selling author Pamela Crawford has written 5 container gardening books about combinations that she has planted and grown at her home. Her creations are not only beautiful but easy to grow as well.