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Gift ideas - gardening tools designed for women

Green Heron Tools LLC have gift suggestions for the women gardeners or farmers in your life. The company offers tools, equipment, safety gear and apparel tested and recommended by other women for their quality, effectiveness, fit and comfort.

Products ranging from hand pruners to a tractor quick hitch, hoof trimmers to a wheel hoe, and garden gloves to safety sunglasses are available via

Gift certificates are also available, which can be used to purchase any of Green Heron’s existing products or saved for the first product in the company’s own line, a shovel scientifically designed for women that’s due on the market early in 2011.

“When it comes to tools and equipment, one size does not fit all,” notes company co-founder Ann Adams, a long-time market gardener and former nurse educator who sees clearly the links among tools use, safety and health, and productivity.

Traditionally, she says, virtually all agricultural and gardening tools have been designed for men, or for some average user whose height, strength, grip size and other characteristics are much closer to a man’s than a woman’s. This means that most tools don’t really fit most women – and poor fit makes them harder to work with, less effective and less safe.

Adams and co-owner Liz Brensinger formed Green Heron Tools in 2008, with a mission of providing high-quality agricultural and gardening tools and equipment designed to work with women’s bodies, thereby maximizing comfort, efficiency, productivity and safety. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has since awarded them two Small Business Innovation Research grants, the first of which supported development of the shovel and allowed Green Heron to collect input from women farmers and gardeners throughout the U.S.

One result was a list of recommended tools and equipment, all of which were tested by volunteer farmers and gardeners prior to being offered for sale by Green Heron. “None of these tools was designed explicitly for women,” says Brensinger, “but all incorporate features such as adjustability, light weight or multiple sizes that make them work well for women, and all are built to last.”

To make holiday gift-giving as easy as possible, Green Heron will be putting some of these tools together to form collections – specially priced combinations of tools and gear that allow the discerning gift-giver to choose the perfect gift to complement someone’s favorite outdoor pursuits, whether those involve growing flowers or vegetables, caretaking sheep or goats, or pruning shrubs and trees.

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