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Join the Great Bee Count

Citizens, Science & Social Media are joining together to solve an important mystery. is calling all gardeners, new and seasoned, to participate in a fun, easy and important Citizen Science effort to count bees across North America.

Whether you're a gardener, a nature walker or a nature watcher, you can help researchers address the global bee crisis and uncover why our nation's most important pollinators appear to be disappearing.

Just head over to and sign up with The Great Sunflower Project, joining the more than 100,000 citizens who are helping to shape bee conservation efforts by planting bee-friendly plants and counting the bees 15 minutes each week this summer and beyond.

Or choose from several Citizen Science initiatives. From Pollinators to Season Spotting to Allergy Agents, your observations will help scientists track the cycles of nature and more. And if you're a gardener, there's a free online garden log, or GLOG, where you can track your garden progress just in time for the 2011 season.

Joining is free and the benefits are far-reaching. So step outside your back door and add to the growing buzz of Citizen Scientists who are acting locally to make a real difference worldwide.
Bee curious, Bee aware, Bee a good neighbor. Find out more:

Taking place in