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Terms of use for

“” and ,Plant Concierge are used in reference to all activities that take place within the project.

Planting Stories Public Relations is the trading name used by Miriam Young, the owner of

An “account holder” is a person who creates a user account which enables access to account holder features such as ability to submit profiles or access to resources information.

A “profile owner” is a person who uses to promote their services, for themselves or on behalf of a business organisation.

A “client user” is a person who uses any of the third party services presented on

Terms of use described below are shown, for convenience, under headings of the types of users they specifically apply to. At the bottom of this document is a section headed “All Site Users”. All users should, however, familiarise themselves with the complete terms of use.

Account Holders

User accounts
User accounts are intended for service providers / business users who may wish to create and submit profiles to the database and/or view certain types of business related information. It is not necessary to have a user account in order to search the database or view content available to non-logged-in users.

Anybody can request a user account. To complete set up of a user account, the prospective account holder must verify their request via a link in an automated email sent to the specified address. There is no cost associated with creating a user account.

All profiles in the database must be linked to a user account. It is therefore necessary to create a user account in order to create profiles for the site.

Information contained in user accounts is private and only visible to the account holder and to people responsible for administration of Passwords are encoded for privacy and cannot be accessed by administration, technical support or anybody else. may contact user account holders from time to time with information about the website, the account or with information and offers from third parties. will not forward any account holder details to third parties.

Profile owners

Adding profiles to the database
Any individual or business organisation offering gardening and plant related services that fall within the profile type definitions may submit one or more profiles for inclusion in the database. All submitted profiles are assessed by the owner of for content suitability before being accepted into the database. If approved, the profile becomes available within the search facility and will be selected every time a matching database search is performed.
By submitting a profile to the database, the person submitting the profile gives unrestricted permission for to publish its content (in full or part) on the internet. reserves the right to refuse to accept and profile that the owner of considers as unsuitable. This is entirely at’s owner’s discretion.

Profile Content
The content contained in profiles must be fully relevant to gardening and plant related services, as covered by the various searches offered on Any profiles containing offensive language or images will be rejected. reserves the right to refuse to accept any profile for any reason.

Burden of responsibility
The account holder who submits a profile remains the owner of the profile and is fully responsible for its content, including truthfulness of the claims made by it and rights to use text and images.

Actions taken by the profile owner or their associates as a result of communication/interaction arising from the profile information visibility via are the responsibility of the profile owner. and its owner bears no responsibility or liability for loss or damage that occurs as a result of displaying profile information.

Profile type definitions
Gardening Services (formerly referred to as “Plant Concierge”)
An individual or organisation offering services that fall within the categories listed in the search panel.
Retail Stores
Physical, mail order or online retailers of plants and gardening related items.
Gardening Advisors
Those engaged in communication of gardening advice, whether on a professional or amateur basis.

Editing profiles
Profile owners may edit their existing approved profiles. When making changes to an existing profile, it is necessary to submit the new version of the profile for approval. While awaiting approval for the new version, the most recently approved version remains available in the database. This is replaced by the new edited version as soon as approval is given. Profiles awaiting new version approvals are not available for further editing during this time.

Withdrawing profiles
Profile owners may delete profiles or set them to be inactive at any time via their user account. Deleted profiles are permanently removed from the database. Inactive profiles remain in the database but are not available for selection by the search facility during the time they are set as “inactive”.

All information supplied when creating an account or profile is stored within a secured database which cannot be accessed by third parties trawling the web.'s owner will not sell or forward any of this information.

Email addresses are kept out of reach of spambots. However, any information in fields which form part of the published profile is publicly accessible. and its owner does not take responsibility for actions by third parties using publicly published information.

Client users

Burden of responsibility
Claims made in profiles displayed on are the responsibility of the profile owners. Client users are requested to exercise the same judgement about these claims as they would when viewing other forms of advertising. and its owner bears no burden of responsibility for accuracy or truthfulness of claims made in profiles or reviews, nor liability for loss or damage that occurs as a result of interaction with individuals or organisations featured in profiles or referred to as a result of acting upon information displayed in profiles.

All Site Users

Profile content
Content contained in profiles displayed on is provided by the profile owners concerned, who are each fully responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of information supplied, rights to use images, claims made and for satisfactory provision of services offered.

Action and Interaction
Site users engaging with those profiled on or acting upon advice published on this website do so at their own discretion and risk. Planting Stories Public Relations bears no liability for loss or damage arising from interaction between those profiled on and those who engage their services.
Planting Stories Public Relations bears no liability for loss or damage arising from acting upon advice published on

Geographical search function
Catchment areas used to select profiles matching geographic specifications are calculated on aggregate measurements taken from the central point within the geographic postcode/zipcode areas. They are not therefore fully accurate to the exact distance between the location used in the search and the locations of the profiles. All site users (both searchers and profile holders) are requested to make allowances for this inaccuracy when using In particular, Gardening Services (formerly “Plant Concierge”) profile holders should take this into account when defining their catchment area.

Plant Care Q&A
Those who provide answers to questions posted on Plant Care Q&A are responsible for providing information which is truthful and complete to the best of their knowledge. Submitted answers may be edited by administration prior to publication. Contact details may not be included as part of an answer. reserves the right to not publish answers deemed unsuitable or offensive for any reason. By submitting an answer to, the submitter gives unrestricted permission for it to be published on and declares that publication of the answer does not infringe on any copyright restrictions.

Those acting upon information given in answers published on Plant Care Q&A do so at their own discretion and risk.

Questions submitted to Plant Care Q&A may be edited prior to publication. reserves the right to not publish questions deemed unsuitable or offensive for any reason. The country and location of the person submitting the question may be published if considered by to be integral to the question. By submitting a question, the submitter gives permission for that question, or an edited form of the question, to be published on and declares there are no copyrights that will be infringed by doing so. If an image is submitted to illustrate a question, the person submitting the image gives permission for that image to be published on and declares there are no copyrights that will be infringed by doing so.

Site availability and performance
While every reasonable effort is made to ensure constant availability and correct performance of, there may be times when the website is unavailable to access or functionality is disrupted. and its owner bears no liability for loss or damage arising from disruption in availability or performance.

Countries is currently serving Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA for the purposes of profiles and profile search. More countries may be available in the future.
Users from any country may submit and answer questions.

Ownership of, the Project Name “Plant Concierge” and the “Plant Concierge” logo displayed on are owned by Miriam Young, trading as Planting Stories Public Relations, registered as a sole trader at The Netherlands chamber of Commerce # 34256101.