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New formulation Sulphur-Rose improves blackspot prevention

Greenacres have announced the introduction of their new, improved blackspot protection formula, Sulphur-Rose. Here's what they say about it...

Where rose blackspot is a problem, prevention is always better than cure and with rose pruning being carried out from late February to March (in the northern hemisphere), this is the perfect time to start the vigil against this disfiguring disease.

Even roses that have been free of blackspot can succumb at any time, and should be given a helping hand to ensure they remain strong and healthy and so can resist blackspot and other diseases.

Greenacres’ Sulphur-Rose is a brilliant tonic for roses, as it helps to produce strong, healthy plants and masses of flowers. It is applied as a liquid, so gets to work straight away.

Applying Sulphur-Rose to the soil around plants and to the stems when dormant, when they’re breaking into growth and when the plants are actively growing, promotes strong healthy growth, prevents leaf yellowing and produces perfect leaves and flowers.

And now with its NEW formulation, Sulphur-Rose is even easier and more convenient to use than ever – and just as effective as ever. Simply sprinkle directly into water, stir and apply.

Sulphur-Rose is available by mail order from Greenacres Direct

Available in

Blackspot & rose care tips from Greenacres

Sulphur is the natural enemy of blackspot and in times when sulphur dioxide was present in the atmosphere – as a result of coal-burning fires and industrial pollution, prior to the 1968 Clean Air Act – blackspot was unknown.

The secret of success when dealing with plant diseases is to make an early start – protecting the plants before the problem occurs – and then keeping up the vigilance throughout the year.

Blackspot spores overwinter in the soil and in nooks and crannies on stems. As temperatures rise in the spring, the spores become active and are borne on the wind or splashed onto the plant by rain hitting the soil. The disease cycle starts again and the new leaves are attacked.

Correct pruning in late February/early March – including removing dead, dying, diseased, damaged, rubbing and crossing stems – will remove further sources of infection. And removing stems growing through the centre of the plants will ensure air can move through them, helping to keep the plants even healthier.

Always remove and dispose of all diseased and fallen leaves whenever they’re seen, but especially in the autumn. Pruning stems by up to half in autumn will also remove spores overwintering on the stems. And it will reduce the risk of wind rock, which can damage the roots making them more prone to disease.

Always ensure roses are growing well; a strong, healthy plant is more likely to fend off pests and diseases than one that is struggling. Always plant in a sunny position, preferably in a well-fed, acidic soil.

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