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Soft-Water Sulphur helps plants in hard water areas grow better

Soft-Water Suplhur is a new product launched in May 2010 (UK). It can be used to soften tap water in hard water areas, thereby making it better for your plants.

Here's what the suppliers, Greenacres, have to say about it.

Gardeners who live in hard water areas will find that their tap water is extremely alkaline, due to the high levels of lime it contains.

Because most plants prefer to grow in slightly acidic conditions, regular watering with tap water will make the soil or compost in pots and other containers alkaline, reducing their ability to grow to their full potential.

Also, many plant nutrients are less soluble in alkaline conditions, so plants can’t absorb all the nutrients they need – no matter how much is provided.

But now help is at hand thanks to Soft-Water Sulphur - a new product from Greenacres. An application of Soft-Water Sulphur will help to neutralise the effects of alkalinity and hard water, ensuring plants grow better, more healthily and flower and fruit more profusely.

Soft-Water Sulphur is easy and economical to use - simply dissolve one level scoop (5g) in 7-litres (1.5 gallons) of water and apply with a watering can to the soil or compost around the plants. It works quickly, neutralising the lime, and results in more vibrant and healthy growth, since nutrients will immediately become more readily available to the plants.

- Soft-Water Sulphur comes with a Plant pH Preference List for the ideal acidity/alkalinity requirements.

- The obvious tell-tale signs of hard water are limescale deposits in kettles, around taps and in washing machines.

- Do not use on sulphur-sensitive plants, such as apricots, cucumbers, melons and gooseberries.

Greenacres Soft-Water Sulphur is available in a number of pack sizes, from 250g to 2kg, so gardeners can buy just the amount they need. Prices start at just £13 to make 350-litres (75 gallons).

It is also available as Wise Buy multipacks to make buying and applications more economical.

Where to buy
Available by mail order only from Greenacres Direct

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