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Are you a garden writer with a string of books and other publications to your name? Do you present TV shows, radio broadcasts or podcasts about gardening? Are you an active online garden guru with a gardening website or blog you'd like the world to see?

Publicise your work with a Gardening Advisor profile on
Your profile includes a description of your background as a gardener and gardening advisor, a place to describe any specialities and the ability to list as many books, broadcasts and other publications as you want to, including links to your website and other sites associated with your publications and broadcasts.

Get people looking at your profile - give answers to Plant Care Q&A
To get your Gardening Advisor profile seen, you need to link it to answers on Plant Care Q&A. The more answers you give, the more times your profile is linked. And the better the quality of your answers, the more likely people are to click through to your profile.

You can add answers to any of the existing questions on Plant Care Q&A, or even submit new questions that cover your area of expertise. Via your user account you can register for email notifications of new questions as they're added, so you never miss a publicity opportunity.

It's completely FREE
There is no charge for you to add a Gardening Advisor profile.
All that is asked in return is you return the favour by contributing a few answers to the Plant Care Q&A. Your profile can be linked to each answer you give, so the more active you are in Plant Care Q&A the better the chances of somebody seeing your profile.

Answer questions to improve your web visibility
Your Gardening Advisor profile is visible to internet search engines, so gives you and your work an extra presence on the web. The more questions you answer, the more inbound links your profile has. In turn, that increases its search engine ranking. Because your Gardening Advisor profile also links to your own website and those of your publications and broadcasts, they get a boost too.

You can link other profile types too
If you also have a Service Provider and/or a Retail Store profile, you can also link these to your answers alongside your Gardening Advisor profile.

Creating your profile
If you don't already have one, you'll first need to set up a user account on This only takes a moment and is also free of charge.
If you already have a user account, log in, go to the account management page and simply add a new profile, selecting "Gardening Advisor" as the profile type.