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A surprisingly wide range of plants can be eaten. In addition to the fruit, vegetables and herbs we are familiar with as commercial produce, many others can make a valuable contribution to the dinner table. Most surprising to many are the array of flowers that can be used to add flavour and colour to salads.

A wide choice of fruit, vegetables and herbs can be grown in your garden, yard, allotment or in containers on a patio or balcony. Ingenious new devices mean you can even grow food through "vertical gardening".

Home grown food provides many benefits such as higher nutritional value, better taste, truly organic cultivation and less environmental damage.

Seeds and starter plants are readily available from garden centres and mail order stores. Search the retailers listed on this site to see who supplies your area.

If you'd like somebody to come and help you set up a vegetable garden, or even come to your home and tend your food plants for you, use the Gardening Services search to find who's available in your area.

Growing food can be decorative too
See the Design page for links to inspirational ideas for combining edibles with flowers in containers.